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CoolPoint Inline vortex flow meters from UNIVERSAL FLOW MONITORS (UFM)

These vortex shedding flowmeters are designed for coolant or water flow from ¼ to 4 inch pipe sizes. Optionally, ¾ to 4 inch sizes have temperature transmitters. In ¼ -2 inch sizes, 316 Stainless Steel bodies and Kalrez seals make it suitable for low viscosity corrosive fluids. They cost a lot less than mag meters and they are OK with high particulate. Simple, reliable and inexpensive.

  * No moving parts to jam
   * 4-20 mA ,switch, pulse standard
   * cheaper than mags
   * better than low end thermal
   * Bright LED
   * temperature transmitter optional
   * 316 SS optional
   * totalizing optional
NEW FROM EMCO . . . . .

EMCO UTM Transit Time Flow Meter . . . . .
AND . . . .Fluidwell F-Series Displays . . . . .
  • Indicators
  • Totalizers
  • Flow Controllers
  • Fuel Consumption Computers
  • Batch Controllers
  • Flow Computers
  • Flow Monitors

Features . . .
  • 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, Pulse, RTD inputs
  • AC, DC, or battery powered
  • Rugged NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Intrinsically-safe or explosion-proof
  • Serial MODBus Communications
  • Back-lit displays
Introducing the UTM10 Ultrasonic Flowmeter
A Flow and Energy Meter for Liquid

EMCO-Spirax Sarco, Inc. proudly introduces a new ultrasonic clamp-on flow and energy meter -- the UTM10. This unit has the ability to measure liquids with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration in line sizes from ½” to 80 inches.
Full pipe liquid applications include cooling lines, liquid condensate, water distribution and processes where system shutdown is impossible.

The UTM10 is designed to clamp onto the outside of existing pipes without contacting fluids, reducing installation time and material costs. There is no need to shut down the process for installation or maintenance, therefore the UTM10 can be fully operational in minutes. With no moving parts, there is no mechanical wear; no repair kits or replacement parts are ever needed. Future maintenance costs are virtually non-existent.

The UTM10 features a rugged, compact aluminum enclosure, easy-to-read digital display, bi-directional flow measurement, and a totalized featuring forward, reverse and net total, and Modbus communications. An optional Ethernet connection is available as well as a programming port. USP, a Windows® based software utility allows users to easily configure, calibrate, and troubleshoot the UTM with any Windows® based PC.

This unit is available in two versions: a stand-alone flow meter and an energy flow meter used in conjunction with dual clamp-on RTDs. The energy flow meter measures energy usage in BTU or Tons and is excellent for chilled water and other HVAC applications.

NEW Product Offerings . . . .
Lumasense Technologies . . .Infrared Solutions For NON-CONTACT Temperature Measurements
Batch control video
CoolPoint was featured in the recent Flow Control Magazine 2011 Tech Report . . .check it out here on page 55. . . .
Water Analytics - Aquametrix

Water quality instrumentation for over 50 years!

  • Optional strap-on or insertion RTD temperature sensors
ThermalSpection™ CVM system

The ThermalSpection™ Critical Vessel Monitoring system  is a turn-key solution for monitoring critical vessels, such as gasifier skin temperature.

Critical vessels in the chemicals, refining and power industries operate at high temperature and pressure and are at risk of failure as joints and refractory degrade. The consequences of undetected failures can be very serious. The ThermalSpection CVM system uses non-contact thermal imaging to provide real-time, continuous, automated fault detection and monitoring for your most critical assets.

Features include
Early fault detection to reduce risk, emergencies and unplanned outages
Continuous, automated monitoring
Easy integration into existing plant DCS and data historian
Designed for hazardous area installations (ATEX, Class I Div 2)
Auto “Hot Spot” Tracking Feature
HTML visualization displays for broadcast on plant intranet
Data Historian archive
OPC/Modbus interface
Optional integration with OSIsoft’s PI database system
ThermalSpection CVM data sheet