About S.C. Controls, Inc.

Our Vision

   To be a top quality supplier of instrumentation and controls for the Process Control marketplace within the Southwestern United States.

Our Mission

   To provide our customers in the Southwest with true instrumentation and controls solutions, providing valuable service for our customers by completing the design/sales/application cycle – offering applications solutions rather than product sales alone.

   S.C. CONTROLS, INC. will add a new dimension to the instrumentation and control marketplace by becoming an asset and a partner to our customers.

Our Values . . . .

   Technically Superior & High Quality Products

       S.C. CONTROLS, INC. is very selective in choosing products to offer which are technically superior and of high quality – providing unique advantages over competitive product lines, and providing cost-effective solutions to our customer’s varied applications.

   Quality People

       In order to offer a high level of customer and manufacturer support,

       S.C. CONTROLS, INC. is committed to hiring and building strong relationships with people and equipment suppliers in the top 10% of the instrumentation and controls industry.

   Outstanding Service

       By utilizing our application and industry experience and by keeping the customer’s needs in focus, we ensure that the reputation of our company, our suppliers and our customers remains exceptional.


       We adhere to personal and professional standards, conducting our business on a high ethical plane, endeavoring to raise the standards of our industry to higher levels.

      "There is an honor in business that is the fine gold of it; that reckons with every man justly; that loves light; that regards kindness and fairness more highly than goods or prices or profits." - Excerpt from the Kiwanis Code of Ethics

   Product / Application / Industry Knowledge

       Our employees have the ability to become knowledgeable on both the products we offer and the applications for these products within the industries we serve. Product and application knowledge is the key element of the service we can offer to our customers and first product to be sold with each sale.